Acupuncture needles

Acupuncture has been found to be effective and reliable in treating knee pain. People suffering from knee pain, particularly arthritic conditions of both the knee and the knee joint can get relief with acupuncture treatment. Studies have revealed that acupuncture reduces the pain levels and at the same time increases the strength of the muscle in the knee. Furthermore, it has been found to be very effective in reducing stiffness, physical disability in people suffering from both knee and knee-related problems. Due to the many benefits of acupuncture many people with knee pain choose to undergo acupuncture treatment in place of surgery. With this treatment, there is an increase in knee function and a decrease in knee pain.

Acupuncture treatment to relieve knee pain

An acupuncture therapist will begin the treatment by identifying the acupuncture points on the knee. The acupuncture points are the focus of acupuncture treatment.

The different acupuncture points for relieving knee pain are:

  1. Middle – This point is located in the center of the back of the knee, specifically in the fold of the knee joint. Acupuncture carried out at this point can give relief from knee pain.
  2. Crooked spring – It is located on the inside of the knee where the fold ends, when the knee is bent. Acupuncture in this area relieves swelling in the knee.
  3. Nourishing Valley – This point is located on the inner edge of the knee crease, between the two tendons. Acupuncture needles inserted in this area can bring relief from pain.
  4. Shady Side of the Mountain – This area is found on the interior of the leg under the head of the shinbone. Acupuncture in this area gives relief from knee problems such as swelling and cramps.
  5. Sunny Side of the Mountain – This area is located on the exterior of the lower leg, below the head of the shinbone. Acupuncture carried out at this point can give relief from excessive knee pain, aches, muscle tension and muscle strains.

Want to get relief from knee pain? Consider Acupuncture treatment

If you want to get relief from your knee pain, contact Integrated Medical Care (IMC) today. Our acupuncture therapists can help you recover from your knee pain without medications or surgeries.

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