Physical therapy has been beneficial for many. It’s primarily aimed at helping patients get back to their normal selves and do their daily activities without physical pain or discomfort. Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion.
The following are the benefits of physical therapy:
1. Restore and improve fitness: Physical therapists can help in restoring the abilities to mobilize and maintain motion. With continued treatment under the supervision of a professional physical therapist, it is possible for the patient to regain a majority of their functionality or make a complete recovery.
2. Avoid surgery and prescription drugs: Research suggests that treatment by a chiropractor is effective in treating various ailments. It is a cheaper alternative instead of surgery and prescription drugs for numerous conditions ranging from back pain and degenerative disk disease to meniscal tears and knee osteoarthritis.
3. Shortens physical recovery time: If patients had surgery or any injuries involving a muscle, ligament or joint, it can cause that part of the body to get stiff and immobile and without proper exercise it could take a long time to recover. Recovery time can be shortened with the help of physical therapy, which is recommended to many patients after surgery.
4. Recover from surgical and medical trauma: Surgeries and drugs can cause physical and mental side-effects. Research has proved many people are referred to a professional physical therapist in order to rehabilitate from a major medical or surgical trauma.

Licensed Physical Therapists in Rockland County, NY

If you are looking for a licensed physical therapist, then visit our Integrated Medical Care (IMC) physical therapy clinic. We have highly experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor physical therapists who are experts in this field and are also loving and caring. We study each patient’s medical history with their present health condition and design a treatment plan. Call us today at 845-535-9884 for a consultation. We serve throughout Rockland County, New City and Spring Valley, New York.

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