A herniated disc is caused by an abnormal rupture in the central part of the spinal disc. A herniated disk can compress surrounding nerves or nerve roots, causing intense pain. Chiropractic manipulation is a safe and effective method to reduce pain from a herniated disc.

Chiropractic treatment for a herniated disc

On your initial visit, the chiropractor takes x-rays. The chiropractor will evaluate the overall health of your spine and the severity of your herniated disc and devise a treatment plan that is designed to address your unique back health needs.

Nutrition, exercise, and stress management are all elements in a chiropractic treatment plan. The goal is to help improve your overall health, to promote healing of your herniated disc and help prevent any further damage or complications to your spine and your body.

Treatments used for herniated disc

There are two basic treatments used for a herniated disc:

Pelvic blocking: :This is a treatment option that addresses herniated discs in the lower back. Gentle maneuvers are used in conjunction with wedges placed underneath each side of the patient’s pelvic bone. This relieves the pressure the herniated disc is putting on the root nerve.

Flexion-distraction techniques: :This treatment is generally used to treat herniated discs that are accompanied by leg pain and other herniated disc symptoms as well.

Are you looking for relief from a herniated disc? Consult with IMC

At IMC, we provide Chiropractic Care for the relief of a herniated disc. Relieving stress on your spine through chiropractic adjustments and check-ups will allow your body to restore itself to a greater level of health. Our expert chiropractic care specialists will ensure that you become pain free and live a healthy life. Call for a consultation with our chiropractic care specialists at 845-535-9884 or email: at info@imcpainfree.com.

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