As we age, our bodies tend to stiffen up, which can lead to chronic pain, making it difficult to move freely. To maintain and increase range of motion, it is advisable to seek chiropractic treatment.

Flexibility is Important

Poor flexibility can have a negative impact on the endurance level of the body. If an injury is healed without proper flexibility, one runs the risk of re-injury. It is advisable to work towards better flexibility, and increased mobility.

Chiropractic Care Improves Flexibility

Chiropractic care is a science of healing without drugs, usually done by applying controlled force to parts of the body such as the spine, joints and soft tissues.

Many people experience an improvement in flexibility following chiropractic care.  Often times it is common for people to stop exercising when they start to experience pain. Chiropractic care helps reduce pain, and eases body movement. Not only does it reduce pain, but also decreases the risk of future injuries, aches and pains.

With chiropractic care, one can experience an increase in range of motion and flexibility, as well as proper balance and coordination. It also helps the joints stay healthy and improves the musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractic care not only involves manual adjustments, it also involved other techniques such as ultrasound, trigger point therapy and electrical stimulation, which helps increase circulation. A good chiropractor will also recommend exercises to be done at home. Chiropractic care is the key to eliminating any kind of back and joint pain, to maintain or improve quality of life.

Contact IMC for Chiropractic Care

If you or a loved one are experiencing pain and your body has become stiff, it is important to get chiropractic treatment for better flexibility. IMC can provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care to decrease pain, and maintain or improve quality of life.

To schedule an appointment, call 845-535-9884 or fax 845-358-4418. You can also email us at . We serve clients in Rockland County, New City and Spring Valley.

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