Chiropractic care manipulates the spine and joints to relieve neck and back pain. This therapy does not involve medication.

Some neck conditions that can be improved with chiropractic care are:

  • cervical sprain injuries
  • cervical intervertebral disc injuries not requiring surgeries
  • degenerative joint syndrome of the neck
  • sprain in facet joint
  • whiplash

How a Chiropractor Diagnoses Neck Pain

In order to treat neck pain, the chiropractor will examine the spine because it may be possible that your spine is also affected. The chiropractor will focus on the problem, and determine the root cause.

A thorough examination will be carried out by the chiropractor to diagnose the cause of neck pain. The chiropractor will then evaluate posture and spinal alignment. This will help the chiropractor understand the body functioning.

During the diagnosis, the chiropractor may suggest surgery. If so, then the patient will be referred to a surgeon.

How Neck Pain is Treated

Spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and other techniques are used by the chiropractor to treat neck pain.

Some spinal manipulation techniques that may be used are:

  • Flexion-distraction technique – It involves a gentle, hands-on spinal manipulation. In this technique, direct force is not applied on intervertebral disc but it is gently pumped.
  • Specific spinal manipulation – Uses a gentle thrusting technique.

Some manual therapy techniques that may be used are:

  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, in which special instruments are used to identify the muscle tension and at the same time treats the pain.
  • Therapeutic massage to relax tense muscles.

Other therapies that may be used are:

  • Inferential electrical stimulation therapy that uses a low frequency electrical current to stimulate the neck muscles.
  • Ultrasound therapy which sends sound waves into the muscle tissues to reduce stiffness and pain in the neck.

Contact IMC for Chiropractic Services

If you have been a victim of neck pain for awhile, then call the pain management specialists at IMC. Get relief from neck pain through chiropractic care at IMC. They have a highly qualified team of professionals.

Top schedule an appointment, call at 845-535-9884 or fax at 845-358-4418. You can also email at or contact online. Serving clients throughout Rockland County in New City and Spring Valley.

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