Some people complain that their severe chronic pain increases in winter, but there is no scientific reason for this. For some people, cold weather worsens their chronic neck and back pain.
Tips to Reduce Chronic Pain in Changing Weather
Apply a hot pack or warm towel: Applying a hot pack or warm towel to the painful area can relive pain. Heat therapy is easy and inexpensive.
Use heat wraps: Heat wraps can provide warmth for joint related back pain for about 8 hours.
Apply water therapy: Water therapies like swimming indoors or a hot bath can provide relief to your lower neck and back. This can also strengthen muscles to avoid future occurrences of back pain.
Be active: Regular back exercises can distribute nutrients to the disc space and soft tissues in the back, keeping muscles and joints healthy.
Chronic Pain Specialists in New City, NY
If you are suffering from chronic pain, then you can try chiropractic care for relief. Chronic pain specialists at Integrated Medical Care (IMC) are highly experienced and professional. They follow efficient techniques to reduce your chronic pain. Call 845-535-9884 for more information.

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