Physical Therapy Treatment
Different types of physical therapy treatments performed include:
Orthopedic– It treats injuries to the muscles, bones and other tissue in the body.
Pediatric– It treats children of all ages who have problems with movement, strength or coordination.
Wound care– This therapy involves making sure the body is getting enough blood and oxygen to a wound.
Neurological– It focuses on neurological conditions and impairments, like alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury and stroke.
Vestibular-This therapy helps people who have sustained damage to the mechanisms of the inner ear.
Decongestive– This therapy deals mainly with patients who have edema or problems with the lymph nodes.
Geriatric– This treatment specializes in helping individuals overcome some of the common issues that appear usually in old age such as reduced mobility due to arthritis, weakened bones and muscles due to osteoporosis and difficulty moving after surgery to replace or repair joints.
Cardiopulmonary– This therapy is helpful to anyone who has undergone a serious cardiopulmonary event like a heart attack.