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Lower back pain can be distressing, it causes inactivity, immobility and can reduce a person’s quality of life. A physical therapist designs treatments that can help reduce lower back pain and restore mobility without additional medications or surgery. Treatments for lower back pain are tailored for each patient according to their specific symptoms and conditions.

Below are different ways a physical therapist can help in reducing low back pain:

Manual therapy: Manual therapy is performed to improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues. It involves kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation, including spinal manipulation.

Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises: Different exercises are designed to strengthen the back, to maintain better posture and prevent recurring pain. These exercises may include low impact aerobic exercises or specific weight-lifting exercises that will not load the spine.

Ice or heat treatment or electrical stimulation: This treatment is performed to relieve pain.

Practical training: Physical therapist’s train patients on practical issues to avoid injury, when lifting, bending, sitting and sleeping, and doing chores both at work and at home.

Educate patients: Physical therapists not only treat persistent or recurring low back pain, but also prevent it and reduce your risk of having it come back. They teach patients about different strategies, which include:

  • Use of good body positioning while performing activities at work, home, or during leisure activities.
  • Keeping a load close to your body when lifting or asking for help before lifting heavy objects.
  • Maintaining a regular physical fitness regimen in order to prevent injuries.
  • Creating a physical activity program that is safe and effective in order to improve overall health.

Need help for Lower back pain? Contact experienced Physical therapists from IMC.

At Integrated Medical Care (IMC), your low back pain will be evaluated and treated by our experienced physical therapists. Call us at 845-535-9884 or email us at We serve throughout Rockland County in Spring Valley, and New City, NY.

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