Physical therapy is a vital component of recovery from back surgery. The therapy exercises provide balance, and the alignment tools can help to keep the back in good condition to speed up recovery. Physical therapy after back surgery serves a number of purposes such as pain control, building muscle, and back support. After back surgery, patients may have issues with mobility. Physical therapy exercise focuses on the incision area or other small muscles around the vertebrae which may have been weakened by the surgery.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy after back surgery serves the following benefits:

  1. It facilitates recovery and helps patients get back into their normal routine.
  2. Physical therapy can help patients avoid fatigue following surgery.
  3. It strengthens the back after surgery and helps prevent additional injuries.
  4. Patients can receive education during their post-operative therapy to help improve posture, learn proper exercise techniques and find ways to compensate for back weaknesses.

Why Go For Professional Physical Therapy?

Back surgery may cause side-effects in the future such as back pain, weak muscles or disc problems. Physical therapy after back surgery typically includes exercises that target the core area of the body, or the abdomen, to provide stabilizing muscles to keep the back secure and protected.

Prevent Future Back Surgery through Physical Therapy

Future back surgery can be prevented with proper physical therapy if patients follow the advice of their therapists and continue with an exercise program at home. Also follow any behavior modification programs developed by the therapists.

Physical Therapy Rockland County, NY

Integrated Medical Care (IMC) has licensed physical therapists. Our professional physical therapists can help you in your journey to recover from back surgery. We study each patient’s physical and medical history in order to design the best suitable treatment plans for each individual. If you had back surgery and need physical therapy, then call 845-535-9884 for a consultation with our physical therapy specialists.

We have physical therapy clinics in Rockland County in New City and Spring Valley, New York.

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