Physical therapy plays a vital role in the recovery of knee pain. Treatment usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Typically, a physical therapist teaches the patient a variety of exercises that can also be done at home. These exercises are designed to increase the strength and mobility of the knee.

Some helpful physical therapy exercises for knee pain are:

  1. Step-Up Exercise: This exercise is done with one leg. The knee flexion/seated stretch is performed while seated in a chair. Gently slide your injured leg behind you while keeping your foot flat against the ground. Move forward in your chair and hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds.
  2. Knee Extension – Passive Exercise: Support the knee with the injured leg up on a chair. Place a towel roll under your ankle, and lay an ice pack over the knee. Put 5-10 lbs. of weight on top of the knee (a 5-10 lb. bag of rice works well).
  3. Knee stretch – Straight Leg exercise: Lie on your back and place a towel roll under the thigh. Lift the foot, straightening the knee. Do not raise the thigh off the towel. Follow your physical therapist’s instruction as you do this.
  4. Straight Leg Raise: The straight leg raise exercise is performed in a reclined position, using your forearms to support your upper body. As you perform this exercise, keep your leg straight and lift your leg twelve to twenty inches, hold for a count of ten, and slowly lower your leg back to the floor.
  5. Sitting Knee Extensions: Sit with your back against the chair and straighten your knee.
  6. Ankle Pump: This exercise is performed by slowly moving your foot back and forth as far as possible.
  7. Quadriceps/Gluteal: This exercise is performed by lying on your back and squeezing the tops of your legs while squeezing your buttocks. While you hold this position, count to ten.

All of the above exercises should be followed as per your physical therapist’s instructions.

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