What is a Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a muscle injury that gets extended to the wrist and fingers. Physical therapy can be an effective way to relieve the pain caused by Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow symptoms that have lasted more than 6 weeks are considered to be sub-acute and beyond three months, as chronic tennis elbow.

What Causes Acute Tennis Elbow?

A damaged muscle tissue at the point it anchors to the arm bone at the elbow causes Acute Tennis Elbow. When more force is applied to an area than the normal healthy tissue can handle, tennis elbow occurs.

When to Consider Physical Therapy

Tennis Elbow will eventually get better without treatment because it is a self-limiting condition. However, tendons heal slowly and tennis elbow may last for several weeks or months. In some instances, it can continue for at least a year. Contact a physical therapist at IMC Pain Free today for more information on tennis elbow and how we can help.

The techniques a physical therapist might use to reduce the pain from Tennis Elbow has been shown to be effective in short and long term management. They aim to achieve:

  • Reduction of elbow pain.
  • Facilitation of tissue repair.
  • Restoration of normal joint range of motion and function.
  • Restoration of normal muscle length, strength and movement patterns.
  • Normalization of your upper limb neuro-dynamics.
  • Normalization of cervical joint function.

How Physical Therapy Can Help to Cure Tennis Elbow

Physical therapists can relieve the pain of tennis elbow by:

  • Thorough assessment of your elbow, arm and neck.
  • Massaging and managing pain and stiffness and encouraging blood flow to your arm.
  • Guiding you through various exercises that you can do by yourself in order to toughen up your forearm muscle and give it movement.

Contact us:

If you are looking for a physical therapist, contact Integrated Medical Care (IMC) and schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists. We use effective techniques to manage your pain and handle you with care. At IMC, our physical therapy specialists know each person has their own personalized requirements. We assess each patient’s physical and medical history, and design treatment plans accordingly. You can call us at 845-535-9884 or fax at 845-358-4418. You can also email: info@imcpainfree.com.

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